Sometimes I ask my self what’s the importance of flowers in a relationship. I went out with my bro @michele_uku in the center of Bologna dress elegant as African men with roses 🌹 to be given to the mysterious lover as part of my study to understand the sensibility of flowers in relationships, friendship and family. I have never thought of receiving flowers from anyone or for self because I was raised in community that’s we don’t have connection to flowers as gift.
And now in my dilemma in Europe it’s soo surreal to when I bought flowers as gift to someone and their reaction to me was soo great. On embarking of this study in the center the reaction of men and women
overwhelmed me as how people feel connected to the symbol of red roses and love. The journey continues as I will share more experience of an intimate conversation on flowers 💐. Thanks to “@donaldnga6for
the beautiful frames we captures in this journey. All the clothes were hand picked from vintage shops during my research and study of menswear in the context of Italian culture, which lead me to discoveries of knowledge accumulated in the process. WHAT CONSTITUTE AFFECTION IN RELATIONSHIP?
So many questions to ask and less answer to find. I found my self in a world where colour, have influence on affection, thought has less affection, Good physical appearance is the ticket to knowing other people as to where am from regardless of your look we integrate. Now my understanding has embolden my movement with great sensitivity to integrate as how I want against how society wants. COMING SOON “BUREAUCRAZY COLLECTION”. 2023.

Styling Victor Reginald Bob Abbey-hart @nanakwameaseidu
Model @michele_uku
Photographer @donaldnga6
Creative direction: @nanakwameaseidu

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