My Trip Collection '21

°°My trip” tells of a journey, inside and outside myself, of experiences and blessings crossing my Mother earth, Africa, and Italy.

I had contact fellow ghanaian artist Kizito Amartey whose work “Eyes of Nature” inspired me for this collection. The painting expresses the strength of Nature the eyes of the animals juggled together, demonstrate that united we are stronger never as in this period, this message can be more true. . My trip to Rome, had a special meeting with the nuns community, which I was blessed, and always on my mind, and still today I carry their teachings inside me. “My trip” is the desire to break the barriers without abandoning my own roots and essence, it represents the new through the colors against the schemes of the past, without trampling it, but
harmoniously joining, and amalgamating, like the brushstrokes of a
painting, two worlds, the most classic and the most whimsical in a single artwork. It suggests the drive to go beyond the know to the unknown, the woman becomes a man and the man becomes a woman, in garments that leave freedom of expression.

MUA: @‌nazgul.makeupartist

Collection for @‌vicini_distanti

DESIGNED BY victor reginald bob abbey-hart


Cast by @‌maddypapini.

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