Victor Reginal bob Abbey-Hart

Fashion Designer

A thoughtful approach to design that goes beyond aesthetics.
In 2019, he worked as an intern with Matteo Bardi consultancy to (Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana) as a textile designer and “cool hunter” in Milan, designing textiles for Calvin Klein, American Eagle and others using his professional experience of how everyone wants to wear something unique, and to feel special when they wore unique clothes.

In 2020, Victor was the Creative Director for Vicini D’istanti, a sustainable project in Bologna. Having been educated in Europe and Africa, Victor Reginald Bob Abbey-Hart broadened his knowledge of fashion. He relaunched his brand in Italy as “Victor-Hart” in 2021. The brand focuses on hybrid workwear to tackle everyday social problems with the use of Ghanaian heritage and culture with futuristic, made-in-Italy craftsmanship.

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